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Cork Noticeboards - factory seconds

Cork Noticeboards - factory seconds


Choice factory seconds!

Environmentally friendly Bach Cork Noticeboards are manufactured from 100% Renewable materials, making the surface completely biodegradable earning it an Environmental Choice tick and GBCA approval.

A key feature is the surfaces' self healing property - the pinholes close after extraction of the pins due to the flexibility of the material. 

Colour: Blanched almond (2186) (The images are intended as a digital representation only. Variations in colour may occur.)
Size: 450 x 600mm 
Thickness: 15-20mm 
Composition: Forbo Bulletin Board (Krommenie)
Frame: H25 (25mm thick aluminium border) or Slim Line (thin aluminium border)

Other sizes and colours are available on request, see our Bach Cork Noticeboards page please contact us to let us know your requirements! 

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