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Acoustic Ceiling Lattice

Acoustic ceiling lattices (also known as baffles) provide premium quality sound absorption with a unique decorative touch. 

Ceiling Lattices are sustainable approach to interior acoustics manufactured from 65% post-consumer recycled material. The light weight lattices are a long term stable solution to reducing noise reverberation. 

Our ceiling lattices come in three unique shapes in up to 13 colours. 

Acoustic Ceiling Lattice, Acoustic Ceiling Lattice Eclipse, Autex Ceiling Acoustics

1. Acoustic Ceiling Baffle/Lattice: Eclipse  - download data sheet

Acoustic Ceiling Torus, Acoustic Ceiling Baffle, Acoustics

2. Acoustic Ceiling Baffle/Lattice: Torus - download data sheet

Acoustic Ceiling Baffle, Acoustic Ceiling Lattice - Trapezius

3. Acoustic Ceiling Baffle/Lattice: Trapezium - download data sheet 


Available Colours:

Acoustic Ceiling Baffle/Tile PavillionAcoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffle SavoyeAcoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffle OperaAcoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffle AcrosAcoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffle Falling Water

Acoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffle PinnacleAcoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffle Senado YellowAcoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffle Bosco GreenAcoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffle Zenith OrangeAcoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffle Ironbank Red

Acoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffle Flatiron Light GreyAcoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffle Empire Dark GreyAcoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffle Petronas Black

This colour guide is intended as a digital representation only. Variations in colour  may occur due to the nature of the manufacturing process. Please contact us to request a product sample.


Products in Action 

Acoustic Ceiling Baffle Lattice Trapezius Yellow and Black            Bach Acoustic Ceiling Lattice Baffles - trapezius            Acoustic Ceiling Baffle Lattice Trapezius Yellow and Black

 1. Bach Acoustic Ceiling Lattice - Trapezium 


Acoustic Ceiling Baffle Acoustic Ceiling Tile 


Acoustic Ceiling Baffle Lattice Green Blue


Acoustic Ceiling Baffle Acoustic Ceiling Lattice yellow green blue


2. Acoustic Ceiling Lattice : Eclipse 

 acoustic ceiling baffle eclipse suspended acoustic ceiling baffle

Bach Commercial Acoustic Ceiling Lattice Eclipse Fit Out Next DC

3. Acoustic Ceiling Lattice : Eclipse